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Escape to the Magic Town of Tepoztlán, discover history, art, culture and tradition that combined with ecotourism make it a perfect place for fun, coexistence and knowledge. Visit Hacienda La Concepción, a special place with a lot of history on its walls. Hacienda La Concepción is an old Jesuit hacienda that was built in the 18th century. At that time, the hacienda had a quarter dedicated to the production of grains, vegetables, and fruits. Today, the hacienda shines for its elegance and majesty of its facilities. Enjoy the smells, colors and flavors of Tepotzotlán with a tour between magueyes and pulque, where you will get to know the gastronomy based on maguey, you will enjoy a guided walk through the crops and you will learn the history of this ancestral drink. Finally, you will visit some workshops dedicated to the production of obsidian, a type of igneous rock belonging to the group of silicates. You'll love it!

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