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Pachuca is the capital of the State of Hidalgo, therefore it has a large number of places that can be visited. Starting with the monument of "El Cristo Rey" where you can contemplate one of the most beautiful views of Pachuca and its surroundings. Visit David Ben Gurión Park, where you will find the Gota de Plata Theater, the TuzoForum Convention Center, as well as the FIFA Mundo Futbol Interactive Center and Hall of Fame. Plaza Independencia, also known simply as "El Centro", is the main square of the city. The Monumental Clock was built to celebrate the Centennial of the Mexican Independence. Visit the Monument to Miguel Hidalgo located in Plaza Constitución, built in 1886 and inaugurated on September 16, 1888. Walk through the National Museum of Photography, the “Preciosa Sangre” Temple in Pachuquilla and get to know the representative gastronomy of this place.

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