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The Municipality of Epazoyucan has interesting sites ranging from natural wooded areas, where you can practice extreme sports, to places to camp and of course learn about its history, through large religious buildings, and former pulquera haciendas. The Municipality has rich veins of obsidian stone in black, green, jade or red tones, for this reason the pre-Hispanic history of Mexico refers to this place as the main obsidian supply center for the Teotihuacan people, currently it is chipped from obsidian in different crafts. Get to know the former convent of San Andrés Apostle founded in the year 1540 by the Augustinian friars. This former convent has extraordinary polychrome wall paintings with scenes from the Last Supper, Ecce Homo and the Transit of the Virgin. These three tabular paintings from Epazoyucan were part of a single altarpiece and are an example of how he transmitted the message about the life of Jesus Christ, from his birth and the adoration of the kings, to two scenes of the Passion: the prayer in the garden and the ecce homo. 

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